Week Four Feature - Mongolian Night Sky

While on location in Mongolia for a TV pilot, yet to be released, I got few chances to relax and shoot some solid still images. This image is taken out of a portion of a timelapse I set up outside my ger at night. Gers are the structures mongolian herders live in, this one was specifically built for the crew to sleep in (they pop up and down remarkably fast). I used a light to cast a soft blue glow on the ger to match it's exposure to the night sky. Since we we're travelling "light" the light I used was a cheap 15$ headlamp I picked up from walgreens wrapped in diffusion and stuck onto a tripod a few feet away.

Some of the coldest nights on earth are spent in Mongolia, luckily this was in the fall months of the hemisphere so the night time temperatures were "moderate." Still I let the camera do it's thing alone outside until the batteries succumbed to the cold while I lit a fire inside with my producer and fellow photography Andy Laub. Check out a quick gallery here:

Mongolian Night Sky

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