Week One - Featured Image

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love." Contact -1985

This shot (taken in the middle of New Mexico, on Route 66) was taken after we had just gotten our RV back up and running after a terrible transmission failure in the middle of the desert. After 4 days of waiting for a mechanic that was due back into the town of, "Dyer, NV" - population 259, we discovered that he did not do transmissions. A tow to the closest transmission repair would cost over $1,000 so we managed to get the RV into first gear and she pushed us over two mountains through a valley and into a town we could finally get repaired, all while remaining in first gear! so proud of this fat Chevy [:

Repairing a transmission is a pretty costly ordeal and that sent us packing back for the east coast in a hurry. Stopping for the night in New Mexico we had an idea for a shot. Trying to show how vast the universe is, how small we are and how love can be both we landed on this image.

It took a couple hours to get right and is a composite shot. One exposure is a very high iso shot to allow for a faster shutter speed and capture the two of us on top of the rv to reduce the blur from movement. The other is a long shutter speed to capture the moving traffic and the dim stars. Since we were capturing one image a minute we caught a glimpse of a shooting star as well!

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